Alamance Racial Equity Alliance

We are a community  of anti-racist people that encourages the transformation of thought through collective learning,  meaningful relationships, and community events.

Our purpose is to end racism.


AREA hosts workshops and learning opportunities to broaden our understanding of race and racism, including a historical, cultural, and structural analysis of racism, and to work towards being an anti-racist person.

Tax information for donors: AREA, as a 501(c)(3) organization, is exempt from federal tax under the United States Code, section 501c3. 

Proceeds will go towards providing scholarships for people who are unable to pay the full cost of a workshop and to assist in the hosting of workshops. 


AREA provides opportunities for people who have embarked on this anti-racist journey to be in fellowship with other people on the same path. We value transparency and hold each other accountable while opening up spaces to dissect and challenge racist narratives we have held on to for so long.


AREA continues to connect people and organizations. We want you to be aware of the groups that exist and events that are happening so that you can become involved with other anti-racist people and organizations, and continue your anti-racist education.