“It was one of the best expenditures of my time in a very long while.  It was certainly transformational for me and bordered on life-changing.  My perspectives on race will never return to where I was a week or so ago.  Thank you so much for the role UW plays in the delivery of these sessions.  I have already broached attendance with others in my organization and others in the community.  You will find me a staunch advocate in the future.  If you see an avenue for me to assist the effort and I am not taking advantage of that, please do not hesitate to let me know!”

-Jeffrey Smythe, Chief of Police City of Burlington

“I was fortunate to be able to be part of a Racial Equity Institute workshop. It was a life-changing learning experience. I find myself often sharing information that I learned from the instructors when talking with friends and colleagues. The history and legal issues are something we all need to know and understand, regardless of our race.”

-M.J. Wilkerson, Director of Alamance County Public Libraries

Born in 1953, a black female, raised in Alamance County I have lived through the ills and corruption of racism that have evolved, perpetuated, changed faces and transcended to generation to generation. Racism is most likely the most atrocious aspect of the United States of America. Attending “Ground Water” and the “REI Phase I” trainings have helped me better understand the origin, causes and effects of systemic racism. The knowledge and information provided has helped me place in perspective how racism has and will continue to destroy the very fabric of this society if we don’t become passionately active in eradicating the problem! There’s an old saying I grew up hearing, “When you know better you should do better!” Attending “REI” trainings has helped to revive my commitment to action. Everyone should join in the effort and “Persons of Color” more especially!” 

-Sandra Gant-Satterfield, MS, MSW


“I was fortunate to attend this REI Workshop this past spring and found it to be life-changing in my understanding of racism. I would strongly urge you to consider this investment of two days. I think you will find it to be life-changing and life-challenging as well. It has been said that Jesus came to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. Well, this workshop afflicted my cultural comfort for the good.”

-Ronald L. Shive, Head Pastor at First Presbyterian Church


“I think the most impactful part of the training was the 4 hour period where the presenters literally took us through the history of the United States, explaining step by step how the government has constructed our society to promote racism in every facet of life, embedding it in our housing markets, financial institutions, political systems, and health programs. As a policy studies student, gaining this understanding has influenced my future career as I plan to work with community leaders and local government officials to work towards systemic change that will promote resource and social equity among all residents of North Carolina.”

-Bear Tosé, University Student